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Lydia Jolofani Tembenu
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I am impressed with the project of Mary Mount on recycling waste. At St. Joseph’s Teacher Training College and the surrounding communities, we also have a problem with litter. As a tradition, every year the college invites an expert who teaches teacher trainees how to develop instructional resources using locally available resources. For sure, this can be adapted to involve staff, communities, and trainees in producing useful instructional materials while cleaning the environment at the same time. Our initial Change project was to introduce our community of practice to simple water harvest technologies so that they can grow crops all year round without depending on rainfall. This will ensure the availability of staple food at the family level and school children will no longer have to go to school on empty stomachs as is the current situation. However, we will discuss the viability of these projects as a group.

A lesson that I have learned after going through the case studies and the news articles is that you can have an initial thought on a project, but implement a different one. We need to be flexible and open-minded in planning.