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*How this Learning Action has helped you to re-view your TE/TVET programmes? Learning Action 1 has helped me to conceptualize SD, ESD as well as their departure. On the other hand it has helped to reflect on the Teacher Education and programmes offered at my TEI in relationship to SDG especially Goal no 4.7
*How can you work towards a more critical understanding of SD and ESD in your context? It is by reading intensively modules and other sources provided by UNESCO and identifying what is not working (gaps) so as to contextualize SD and ESD in my institution.
* What still needs to be discussed and taken forward? The issue of monitoring at the institution level as well as its assessment.
*Can you prepare some suggestions for colleagues / your department / your TE/TVET institution? What would you emphasise? Integration of SD and ESD in the teaching and learning process in TEI should be a first priority.