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Washington Mbhamali
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1. This learning action has helped me review our TVET programmes by enlightening me on the importance of designing inclusive, self-directed, more student-centred, more flexible, and online programmes that will promote life-long and self-sustainable learning.
2. Working with colleagues, course specialists, employers as well as trainees in designing, developing, implementing and evaluating TVET programmes will help me work towards a more critical understanding of sustainable development and education for sustainable development within the context of TVET.
3. What needs to be discussed and taken forward still includes: designing TVET policy suitable for Eswatini context, designing and implementing National Qualifications Framework (NQF) at international standard, and recruitment policy for TVET providers to be relevant to industry requirements.
4. I would emphasize the adoption of online learning that will encompass elements that promote education for sustainable development through self-directed learning, self-sustainable employment.