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Job Stephen Kyamogi
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The starting point is identifying the matters of concern to be specific as we move on. For example I would home in on wasted fruits in Eswatini, the guavas and mangoes that are wasted every year because they are too too many and in the wild yet they have fruit sugar that can be turned into hand sanitiser in this Covid era. I would then ask my Pre-service Teacher (PST) students to enquire for information from IK sources among the community elders and/or the National Archive’s Department. A participatory local inquiry with my students would require all of us seeing concepts, the selected issue(s) at hand and existing curriculum content as interconnected with the connections highlighted as being within and across different learning disciplines. Deepening and enhancing learning would be realised by being open to students and by positioning them as key change agents that are empowered to positively impact planet earth. Working with students and the community would require getting immersed in the community activities and creating ownership of the T-Learning process. For meaningful results, we would try out the proposed solutions practically that in my case is to do with collecting guavas and mangoes to make sanitiser raw material using local methods of brewing alcohol and distilling to get the concentrated colourless flammable alcohol of about 60% concentration that could be produced at a large scale to be sold to distilleries for further processing. Assessment would be through assessing the: quality of the product, the quality of the pathway to the finished product and the impact on quality of life by all those participating. To implement the above, I would need to officially embed the learning programme into existing curriculum structures including extracurricular project based club initiatives. Also, I would influence the education department to promoted such approaches as part of Teaching Practice practices.