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Mercy Chiwenga
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Learning action 1 has helped me to understand more deeply about SD. This further has helped me to reflect on my teaching in the classroom. Understanding of the SD jas helped me to analyze our vision and mission statement to see if it incorporates principles of SD and ESD
There was a further analysis of the learning content to see how critical issues such as disaster risk reduction, sustainable life styles are integrated into the curriculum
How can you work towards a more understanding of SD and ESD in your context?
Further reading of materials provided by UNESCO on SD and ESD
Further reading of other relevant materials on SD and ESD
Reviewing of vision and mission statement to see how it reflects principles of SD and ESD
Establishment of CoP to further discuss issues of SD and ESD,share ideas
Reviewing our curriculum to see if critical issues have been integrated
What still needs to be discussed and taken forward
We have to look into how the integration of the SD be done at all levels
What suggestion can you have for your TEI
Staff members, students and the other stakeholders
to work collaboratively to make sure that ESD is incorporated in the process of teaching and learning.