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How do you understand the concept of sustainable development? What are the main sustainable development issues affecting your community and country?
SD is a concept that comprises the humanity ideology of meeting your needs to enable others achieve their needs by playing your highest positive potential role.
main issues affecting my community and the country includes but not limited to gender and children based violence, youth unemployment, lack of practical and innovative education system, poor and unsustainable teacher professional development programmes in TE/TVT, poor incorporation of ICT knowledge and skills in the teaching and learning process among teacher educators and policy makers.
What are the implications for your TE/TVET Change Project development?
our change project change will create a strong awareness to tutors, student teachers and the community to start integrating ICT kwoledge they own for creating environmental awareness issues, gender and children based violence
Consider the two definitions of sustainable development discussed. How can these guide your ESD work?
the definitions will guide us to innovate a project change that is user friendly, simple and that can be accepted by diversity community users with both high and low level of understanding.