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Mhonda Teachers College has vision and Mission. Vision: Produce quality and Competent teachers, responsible and accountable with no gender bias. Mission: Mhonda teachers college should be a source of continues change in academic, moral and ethics for enhancing creativities, innovation in fostering the community and young people to adopt and fit into the emerging challenges. 1. To what extent does it reflect your understanding of SD? The vision and mission shows how it is friendly in continues changes without any destructions (SD). 2.Towhat extent does it reflect the defination of SD. The vision and mission reflect the defination of SD. The knowledge and skills provided in the college fosters the young people with creativity and innovation that will help them to change and think transformatively. 3. Do you think this is needed? I this knowledge and skills of SD is needed because it brings about changes in our thinking, acting, doing,reacting, of the emerging challenges. 4. To what extent does your institution vision and mission statement reflect the objective of SD and GAP? Our vision and mission states the provision of quality and Competent teachers( education), responsible and accountable with no gender bias, this shows gender quality and equity. 5. How would you reflame/restate your institution’s vision and mission statement to more SD and ESD. RESTATED AS: VISSION: To prepare the 21 century primary and early childhood teachers with Transformative skills and knowledge that will help the community to develop without any destructions of our planet. Mission: Mhonda Teachers College should be a centre for academic exellences and moral for fostering creativity and innovations towards young people so as to fit into the newly world.