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Plan for an active learning sequence with students, using the T-learning sequence model.
I would together with the students analyze the objectives of the lesson, give them a chance to discover elements of SD from these objectives before they can engage on the actual exercise. A motion that provokes an argument will be staged for students to research and present findings in some form of a debate. In some instances, a local resource community persons will be invited to have an open discussion with the students on indigenous knowledge where students will first present what they know before the outsider opens for questions.

Think through:

How would you work with students to mobilize stories and cultural heritage on a specific local SD issue or matter of concern (e.g. water pollution, waste, community health, energy, food security, safety of girl children etc.)?
Students will engage community personnel to find information about things they need to know and wish to share with the class. Information shared should be on sustainability in the community or any development that is sustainable in the community or school.

How would you approach the matter of concern with a systems view? And how can this inform a participatory local inquiry into the matter of concern to understand it better? How would you do this with your students?
A situation analysis would be conducted to ascertain the matter of concern which students will be working with. It will then depend on the type of matter which transformative approaches should be used for everyone to understand what we are dealing with. Students will do a research in the community, either through interviews or observation so as to identify the problem. After identification, then they will need to discuss and come out with a solution, one that is sustainable.
How would you work with your students and the community to work out what can be done together to address the matter of concern?
A community of practice that include community members will be formed, community members will be capacitated and a awareness will be made so that everyone understands what is going on. Community members will visit the institution to share indigenous knowledge with the students and how it can be linked to SD.
Would it be possible to try out some of the proposed solutions and ways of dealing with the matter of concern? If so how would you and your students approach this?
If the matter of concern is unhealthy eating and nutrition deficiencies, then solutions would be to have a nursery or garden that grows a variety of plants (traditional herbs, vegetables) that are medicinal and healthy. Students will make a research on the traditional plants and how they can be grown. The waste or litter would be used to nourish the soil in the garden. Students should be able to come up with ideas themselves and make their learning transformative.