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My understanding of sustainable development is that it is more than a concept. It is an action-oriented approach that produces tangible results for short-term, mid-term and long-term. It is an undertaking to better the now and improve a future one may not even be part of.
Critical sustainable development concerns in my community include locally developed training manuals that promote learner interaction, critical thinking, real case application, action learning and self-evaluation throughout the learning journey.
My views on ESD embrace the definitions provided in this action learning item. ESD must produce results and change. It should be traceable and measurable.
The implications for my TVET change project are sustainable knowledge creation skills that can also be imparted on the learners. An understanding and demonstration that it is okay to develop knowledge and learning resources rather than just consuming what is readily available. And also an appreciation that it is okay to question, to differ and criticize for the purpose of adding value and enhancing the already existing.
Our diversity make us unique and contributes to a sustainable future that embraces life-long learning.