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SANU aspires to impact communities through transformational leadership and Christ-like service in pursuit of academic excellence.
SANU affirms the Wesleyan-Holiness heritage and commits to shape and model persons of Christ-like character for community service through high quality innovative, inquiry based-interactive teaching and learning and transformational leadership.
Does the institutions’ vision and mission reflect much of the definition of Sustainable development?
They do not reflect much of sustainable development as more emphasis is placed ensuring Christian Values, however, the latter part of the mission do touch on higher quality teaching and learning. There is the need that the institution review its vision and mission to align them with sustainable development.

To what extent does your institution’s Vision and Mission statement reflect the objectives of ESD and the GAP?
In a way SANU’s mission do emphasize quality teaching and learning and the use of student-engaging methods of teaching, especially, inquiry-based interactive teaching.

How would you reframe/restate your institution’s Vision and Mission statement to more substantively reflect SD and ESD (based on your understandings of these concepts and your context)?

SANU aspires to offer holistic quality education, transformational learning and academic excellence.

MISSION: SANU commits to produce and shape life-long learners who are developed sustainably in all aspects of life.