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Online discussions/blogs
online discussion/blogs helps and improve teaching and learning process among student teachers, tutors and other education stakeholders and helps in improving competences among them. Online discussions/blogs play an important role in students’ learning since students learn to support each other by answering ideas, discussing the course contents and sharing different crosscutting issues. this blog also saves time and enable the information to be deliver on time
• Blended learning assessments;
Blended learning refers to combining traditional face-to-face learning environments with online education tools and approaches. Blended learning approaches vary widely and give the lecturer many options.
• Online project based learning;
This approach gives students an opportunity to search the materials on a given topic. online project also enabled students to develop their communication skills and knowledge by presenting and recording their work for future use.
• e-portfolio;
E-portfolios are collections of a student’s work, including, assignments, groupwork, individual work, project work , tests, final and annual exams works which show the progress of their study over time. E-portfolios can also contain essays questions, photographs and illustrations, media, including videos, animations, cartoons, visual and and audio.
• Question Mark Perception.
Question mark Perception is a system that enables you to create questions and organize them into exams, quizzes, tests, or surveys. Perception offers a cost-effective, easy way to utilize computerized assessments that not only measure knowledge, skills, and attitudes, but also enhance the learning process.

• podcast
Podcasting is used in higher education so that various digital resources can be shared with students. It is used to support a number of different learning preferences such as self-directed and peer-to-peer learning and can be disseminated through numerous online channels
• online/typed exams.
online/typed exams are used for many purposes in the educational system, the purpose of this is effectiveness, security and utility that must be judged by the extent to which they promote student learning. the typed exams helps to reduce cheating among students but also helps the tutor to be in a safe side in his or her planned activities as it will simplify the work.