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There is very large gap in terms of what is covered in our TEI on climate change. While some courses do cover the climate change lessons, they may be lacking in terms of capacitating students to come up with strong solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation. The concept may be known but the impacts and links between human actions and the impacts such as drought, changes in weather patterns, deforestation and food insecurity issues are very poorly understood.

To improve the curriculum, collaborating with the Climate Change Unit of the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs (Eswatini) could help in building connections with other partners who can support climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives. Also, the learning objectives under learning action 1 are a good guide that can assist my institution in incorporating the SDGs in the curriculum which on a larger part can assist in improving the contribution of students, teachers and communities in reducing the impacts of climate change. To inform evidence based actions, it is also important to promote action research by students, between students and teachers and those involving private and public institutions.