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What is known about a topic:
Climate change is a cross-cutting issue nowadays mostly caused by human activity around the globe, rendering uncertainty of the future. The impact of climate change keeps on increasing; population and economic growth accelerates climate change and its impact.

What is not yet known:
It is still mind-boggling how humanity can cope with the climate change and its effects. The effects of climate change are not well explained or interpreted with very few practical examples, thereby limiting knowledge on climate change. The implication of this is that many communities fail to prepare for climate change as they are not sure of what needs to be done. Communities are still grappling with causes of floods, droughts, and high temperatures.
How you can review your curriculum to improve it:
The curriculum should be reviewed to provide solutions to what is unknown. In relation to the videos, climate change issues need to be reviewed to understand them better, then review the current curriculum to consider what should be included to address climate change. Furthermore, it imperative integrate climate change in as many courses as possible with an increased number of field work to appreciate what is on the ground.