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      This change project will be vertical scaling because it is aimed at recycling scrap- paper that is produced in large volumes in the entire institution. r This change project involves the whole community practices at the institution. Rather than throwing away scrap paper or burning it, which could pollute the environment, it will be best to recycle and create useful artworks. Therefore, reusing scrap paper will give meaning to the global call to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” as the only acceptable way of waste disposal. This will develop a GREEN OFFICE POLICY that champions the three Rs- reduce, reuse and recycle. In addition introduction of a SHRED-ALL POLICY with shredding services, So all documents are shredded when they are no longer needed.

      The community practices that will be involved will improve the management of waste papers in the community at large, infuse 21st-century competence and cooperate transformative learning to students. For example, the non-academic staff such as the groundsmen and cleaners will be responsible for keeping the institution clean and disposing of papers in the correct rubbish bins. Lecturers will be responsible for understanding the need to go beyond facts and figures and to translate knowledge into action and impact skills to the students so that students will take recycled paper further. Moreover, for students, this change project will equip them with art and craft skills of recycling paper while at the same time producing products that will help to generate income and they become entrepreneurship. They will also produce learning and teaching aids. Neighboring schools will also be part of the community and they will provide us with scrap paper so that the students will continue making different finished products
      This change project will be first be introduced to the whole community of the institution and neighboring schools. Then the curriculum in the other departments such as Art and Craft, Social Studies, Education will be redesigned whereby first-year students will be taught the importance of keeping the college green by keeping the college clean. They will be shown skills of making use of the scrap paper to make differently finished products and sell them and also making teaching/learning aids.

      This project is important because it will allow everyone involves to acquire skills, attitudes, and values necessary to shape a sustainable future. From an economic perspective, it will create employment and social ground it helps in keeping the environment clean while ensuring that the health of people is safeguarded. It will also reduce the consumption of energy, global warming, and sustainable use of resources and create greener jobs and maintain natural resources.

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